Andre Duvoisin

Hey! My name is Andre Duvoisin.

Hailing from the glorious state of Texas, I moved to the state of California in order to follow my passion for Computer Science (Games) at the University of Southern California. Currently a senior in college, I get overly excited about everything I take part in, and I love turning interesting game concepts and mechanics into a reality. When I’m not playing the latest and greatest MMOs, I can be found sleeping at odd hours, pondering random topics, or hiding in the smallest of spaces. In my free time, I play flute in USC’s Trojan Marching Band, of which I am a Section Leader. I really enjoy taking part in activities that involve moving at high speeds, such as skiing and biking. I come equipped with an endless propensity for having a blast and am, in one word, dynamic.

Why Games?

A common question with an answer that’s quite simple: I love making games! Games are very intriguing applications because they’re so cross-disciplinary; you need artists, programmers, designers, producers, testers… the list goes on. For programmers, games allow us to dive into so many aspects of programming, from gameplay to graphics, sound to engine, tools to back end, networking to web. Every programming discipline needs to come together to make a game happen, and that’s what makes games so exciting; there’s an incredible opportunity to learn from so many different kinds of people, to learn so many different areas, to dive into every different facet of software engineering in addition to being in such close contact to talented artists and designers. I’ve made so many friends by coming together with them to make a kick-ass game, and I’m excited to make many more in the future.

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