Back End Engineer (Node.js with MongoDB)
Spring 2015 – Present

Chambara is a networked multiplayer stealth-deathmatch game with only two colors, allowing players to seamlessly camouflage themselves with the environment. This empowers players to sneak, search, and ambush each other in dramatic, stylish duels.

Chambara is being created with a team of 20 people. The front end uses Unity3D, while the back end consists of Node.js and MongoDB on Linux. My programming contributions include:

  • Designing and implementing the back end platform to communicate with both the game client and server, on both PC and PS4. Includes:
    • Player Profiles
    • Matchmaking
    • Analytics
    • Game Server Management
  • Creating a build system with Jenkins for multiple platforms (PC, Mac, Linux, PS4)
  • Fleshing out the deploy system from build servers to production Azure boxes

Skills Developed:

  • Node.js
  • MongoDB
  • Jenkins
  • Linux
  • TCP
  • Build and Deploy Systems

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