Gameplay Engineer, C# (Unity3D)
September 2014 – Present

Spirit is a free-flowing rhythm game created for iOS using Unity3D (C#). The player traverses the cosmos as Spirit and taps on the screen when Spirit comes in contact with a pad, which are laid out to the beat of the song. Keeping the rhythm is essential to maintaining your flow.

Spirit was developed in a 3-person team: two engineers and a sound designer. My programming included:

  • Writing a sound wave analyzer in order to distinguish the strong beats in a given sound file.
  • Dynamic level generation based on the timing of the beats.
  • Spirit movement from pad to pad throughout the levels.
  • Scoring system based on input timing.
    • “Sweetspotting” the pads netted more points.
  • Overall game flow: traversing the level, pad input timing, and beginning/death/end states.
  • UI and Menu system

Skills Developed:

  • C#
  • Unity3D
  • Sound file analysis
  • iOS development

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