Super Smash Skyrim

Gameplay Engineer (C++)
Spring 2015

Super Smash Skyrim is a networked multiplayer game where the object is to attack and grab enemies in order to hurl them off the stage. It is written using Prime Engine, a custom C++ game engine, using C++ along with Maya, Lua, and Python for level editing.

Super Smash Skyrim was created with a team of 4 people. My programming contributions included:

  • Loading assets on level start
  • Implementing networked 4-player support
  • Movement and attack mechanics
  • Physics system (as it relates to gameplay)
  • Time syncing and client-side prediction
  • Win conditions

Skills Developed:

  • C++
  • TCP and UDP
  • 3D Math and Physics for Games
  • Game Engine Systems
  • Gameplay Systems

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